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Soup Ascended

Animating, animating. Oh thou must be animating...

Doing some colour tests and playing with nodes in between continuing the Dragon animation.

A whole bunch of line work from across the most of the film because the Dragon is kind of a big part.

Don't worry about the crunchy look of the lines, that is simply a close up screenshot combined with Toon Booms vector stuff.

Whilst animate, I am trying to shorten the process later down the line, seperating line layers for specific things. I probably should have done it earlier because that's the actual way of efficiently animating but better late than never.

As I go on I am still engaged with the process, this is help by the support and enthusiasm of friends that I have shown the film to which i am super glad about the positive reception.

As I learn more about the nodes on Harmony I feel the colour should work well with my characters but we will have to wait and see, especially if I want some lighting effects.

This has kind of turned to a random thoughts post about the project and how it is, I feel oddly enthusiastic right now. Still really tired though.

Oh and the Wacom at uni has been fixed so hopefully I can now somehow fix my home Wacom and start backgrounds soon.

I haven't had time at uni to start backgrounds what with the characters needing animating.

Anyway, that is it for this week, I guess nothing major really, just steadily getting it done. A few friends have had birthdays this week so it might get busy.

And yeah, cya

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