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Two Years Later...

Oh boy, Looked at my posts and saw my last one was in 2021, where did the time go.

Well it's that time again, for another update into what the heck I've been doing with my time because I sure haven't been putting anything online... anywhere. I've been working hard at Princess Bento and it has been a blast. Started and finished on Koala Man season 1 as a retake artist actually in the studio with human beings!!! crazy I know. It was a time of small rapid fixes and technical adjustments but everyone knocked it out of the park and was awesome to be apart of that.

I was on most of the episodes except the final episode as I moved to another production that I started my first COMPING job! I can't say anything about it obviously but its been an amazing time with some awesome people I had previously worked with on Smiling Friends and they were kind enough to get me in with them!! Words can't express how grateful, thrilled and.... (Insert word that cannot express) that I was apart of the two productions and nowadays just archiving things whilst taking a bit of a breather before looking to jump in again.

But enough about work! What have I been doing in my own life? Well, not much really... I have been slack on personal drawing/starting small casual animations and simpyl never finishing them. I've been thinking of how I would pitch a show and fleshing out other ideas. Oh and wanting to go on an overseas holiday... which I am! *ticks box*

I don't know if there is anything else to catch up on... It doesn't seem like much does it? There is more detailed stuff but it'd be boring to go into. Maybe I have some pictures to show of just random quick drawing...

And yeah, not much but what can ya do. Bye for now

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