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Short Stuff

'Short Stuff' is a series of short form comics based around a gecko named Warren in his mid 20s floating through ordinary life situations in extra ordinary ways. 


Along with his highschool pals and workplace friends, Warren moves from house to house, job to job unsure what he wants to do or where he'll be in the future.

World's End Party is based off of the 'Short Stuff' series created by Tristan Mulcahy. Based around a young gecko named Warren fresh out of high school. 

Directionless, Warren bounces from minimum wage jobs as his friends around him steadily find their respective ways in life.

World's End Party

World's End Party by Tristan Mulcahy in 2017

Warren Break.png

World's End Party, although uses the characters from Short Stuff, is no canonical. 

As much as we would like to think the world truly ended for these characters.

'Short Stuff' started as a fun little way of retelling true stories with an embellished conclusion for comedic effect. The longer I stuck with the idea however, the further it got from reality itself which was probably for the better. 

Warrens design is constantly being changed and tweaked, which in a way is a part of the charm. Anyone can draw him with ease, whether it be with a lime green scales or mint green, long or short tail Warren will always be a green gecko, no matter the variants.

Running but smaller.gif
Warren Character Sheet.png
Glen Character Sheet.png
Ley Character Sheet.png
Don Featherston Character Sheet.png
Glen break.png

With a wide range of characters, the world of 'Short Stuff' is full of animal characters and human characters in a shared existence. 


From Cocktail connoisseur Flamingos to Box factory Foxes, the roster will only keep growing.  

Early concept of the original Trio.
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