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Lost and Found

'Lost and Found' is a collaborative project between Emma Maguire, Annalise Palenzuela and Tristan Mulcahy.


Three songs created by Emma that were strung together and animated by Annalise and I to create 'Lost and Found'.

Through many meetings and discussions, we set out to create a journey that portrays the comforting sounds of our home on earth and the flowing and floating  through space.

We worked on the project over ten weeks Emma created the harmonious music whilst Annalise and I created snippets that would eventually be placed along with the soundtrack.

Emma created wonderful music and I would definitely    recommend going and checking her out on her      Soundcloud.


If it weren't for Emma, there wouldn't have been a project to begin with and she knocked it out of the park.

Check out Emma

Annalise animated the stunning skies, waves, poppies and basically all the hand drawn bits. She did an amazing job in pulling the visuals together working super efficiently as well. 

I would definitely suggest checking more of her work out, she is a talented illustrator and animator.

Check out Annalise

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