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Shark Week 2020

If you are interested in real action towards shark preservation, you can follow the link below to Sea Shepherd's "Operation Apex Harmony". A global effort to save sharks around the world as well as useful information about the impact sharks have on the ecosystem.

Shark Week has been an annual celebration of all things shark related. 

Not to be confused with 'Shark Week' on the Discovery Channel. This version is a little different.

Aside from it being on a consistent date each year, the week of the 23rd of July, it also seeks participation from others as a community effort.

2020 marks the fourth year of celebrating Sharks, but this year was different in that I made a handful of animations as my way of stepping up the effort each year


This year featuring a lyrics video for the song 'Shadowtask' by PYLOT.

Land shark as GIF.gif

Along with artwork and animations, I also like to send random shark facts around to various groups and people.

Did you know the Nurse Shark or “The Couch Potato of the Shark world” is a nocturnal hunter. Sleeping in deeper waters during the day, they come out to feed in shallow waters or coral reefs at night. When hunting, they scoot across the sandy bed so suck up small animals and fish. The Nurse shark has a kind of cavity in the back of its throat that creates a kind of suction to do this whilst the feel the sand with two “barbels” on their face that act like taste buds. This kind of shark is related to the whale shark as they both use a suction method to feed. Although the nurse Shark is much smaller growing to about 10 feet.

The intent of Shark Week is to be a light hearted appreciation of sharks. Reducing the negative stigma towards these ocean dwellers. 

The Saw Shark are found on the waters of Australia, Japan and South Africa. Not to be confused with the Sawfish which are larger and have different gill placements. Growing to about 5 feet in length (females are a little larger) their toothy snouts can cut their prey up with ease for a nice easy to swallow meal. Like the Nurse Shark, the saw shark also has like barbles to feel for prey on the ocean floor. Saw sharks are born fully developed other than the fact that their saw snoot teeth are folded back. Because of this, they kinda look like mini adult saw sharks.

Shark Blehhh.gif
Shark Colour loop dithered.gif

The Tiger Shark is the fourth largest shark in the world behind the Great white, Basking and Whale shark. Not to be confused with the “Sand Tiger Shark”, the the Tiger Shark has a very broad diet, eating anything from sea turtles to Venomous Sea Snakes. This work is made easy with their notched teeth that can pierce the toughest animal hides. They also give birth to huge litters, for comparison, the saw shark has around 10 pups on average, but the Tiger Shark on average has around 30! And because of their name, you would think their stripes would be noticeable, but on a fully grown tiger shark, they are barely visible. Moreover, on Tiger Shark pups, they’re covered in SPOTS! Shoulda been called “anything BUT a Tiger Shark”.

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