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Surrounded by Fire

The Adventures of Camila:

Pilot Episode, 2019

The adventures of Camila poster 4 w:laur

A young adventurer must prove their worth in a world full of magic.


Camila, a magicless but energetic junior adventurer after another failed adventure gets kicked out of their adventurers guild. Eager to prove her skills, Camila will take on any challenge against all odds.

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The Cast

Character Sheets

An animated short film featuring the voice talents of:

-Shelley Dunlop as Camila

-Michael Joaquin as Tie

-Sunny S Walia as Guild Master

- Sara Jani as the Dragon

Animated in Toon Boom Harmony, sound design in Logic X Pro. 

Online Edit by Declan Loughran

Sound Edit by Ant Bohun

Mock-up Posters

First done as a way to not only test colour palettes.

The Adventures of Camila Poster 1
The Adventures of Camila Poster 3.png
TAoC poster 3 no laurels.png


Various stills from different parts of the short film

The production was fun but not without its hiccups. Shots were redone and scenes were cut out. One particular scene was featured in the Forest of Doom. This scene was fully voiced and made it all the way to the animatic stage but was cut due to time constraints. 

This short film was created as a from of pilot that I would love to further develop and turn into a series one day. Featuring more characters, locations and fun stories.


Forest of Doom
Cut Scene

Beyond the short film

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Tie Icon.png
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