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About Treedan

Hey, I'm Tristan Mulcahy, I'm a Junior animator and Compositor based in Melbourne, Australia.

Born in March of 1998, I have a passion for drawing  and first started animating small clips in 2011.

The exploration of the creative arts led me to many different mediums eventually resulting in pursuing animation as a career path. 

I've worked on short films, music videos and live performance pieces. I graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2019 and worked at Princess bento in 2021-2023. 

I work in Harmony for both Comp and Animation now and am always keen to learn new things.                                                                                                                  

There are various ways of getting on contact with me as well. There is my social medias: Youtube, LinkedIn, , Twitter and Instagram.

You can also ask me on the home page here or you can also reach me at

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