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Heyo, it has been a while... like half a year actually. But that's ok, I have been working at the cafe job since then and just chipping away at small animations.

Ok so this is old now but its been so long that I never really mentioned it in a blog.

A short animated clip that is up on all my Social Medias called "Tricky".

This was early in the year when we went into our first "Snap Lockdown" here in Melbourne.

It was fun and took my mind off things so I did more...


This was another short GIF that I started in late 2020 but never finished until many months later.

The final version in on my newly created miscellaneous page that features some older animations and anything that doesn't warrant its own page.

Then in our most recent lockdown I finished another Animated Music Short.

Another thing I had fun making but it did take a little longer to make this time around.

Between these, moving to a new place and getting a new job, it has been quite the year so far...

Oh right, I got a job working on a show! I start on Monday and I'm super excited (and nervous) to be actually working in animation. Fingers crossed that it will lead to more opportunities, but I don't wanna get ahead of myself. Imma do the best I can possibly do.

Anyway thats all for now, who knows when I will do another blog but I will leave you with some images I've also been drawing whilst going through 2021. Cya

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