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Might Background?

Another Thursday, another day of the week. There is a sickness going around, I hope I don't catch it. That would not be good

I have moved onto doing the line work for the Guild Master, after spending the past three weeks on the dragon I have forgotten how to do everyone else.

I haven't colour all the dragon but I have done certain shots to get a feel for it.

I also tried a colour test for the Guild Master to see what works, I haven't fully decided on the process IU wanna stick with for him.

Additionally, I need to focus on consistency. Like cheek, arms etc should not be different sizes for shot to shot.

And finally I am starting to consider getting some background artists. As much as I'd like to do it myself, it might just be better to get others. The real thing is who, I would have to pay them as well. Working in a team is a big part of the process but last year I got a bit burnt out from it and am very hesitant.

I'll keep looking, it be a big weight off ma chest as well. Anyway, post next week :)

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