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Guess who missed a week

I'm going to keep this short, not feeling very cash money right now. Sorry about missing last weeks blog update, can't even remember why I forgot. Anyway

Finished the main character animation and have been slowly doing the miscellaneous animations. This includes: Fire, Extras and some doors I guess. My health isn't flash so I took yesterday off and today coming in was minimal work.

The fire has no backgrounds so I hope it looks fine when I slot them in. Maybe tomorrow I will just do colour and not think to hard.

Visuals are due at the end of October so it is a bad time to get sick. I might have someone to colour some backgrounds which is helpful, but I need to do some more line work for the other backgrounds.

Not many screenshots either, had to quickly pick these ones out from earlier, shading with come last I think.

Anyway, that is it. Nothing fantastic, I will head home early and sleep.


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