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6 Days to go until visuals are meant to be done. Working very long hours this week.

witness the spaghetti of my work area

I am vigorously doing shading like there is no next week... or like next week is right around the corner..? I don't know! Basically I have taken work off this weekend to come into uni to do more work, 13 hour days are hard.

All the backgrounds are in as far as I can tell. Patrick did a great job and once I am done with the shading I will do some colour grading before the professional colour grader (online edit). THEN once all that is done, I can focus wholey on sound.

Must power through it.

See ya next week :)

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1 Comment

Oct 24, 2019

I'm so so proud of you for working this hard!! The spaghetti mess seems quite manageable actually and not a bad workflow!

Regardless, keep up the good work on this final stretch or I'll ruffle your hair FOREVER

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