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Beginning of the End

Semester 2 has started and so has more animation, the home stretch. Instead of animating whole shots at once, I will be doing specific characters then other elements at once. For example, I have started with the Dragon so I can get into a consistent groove instead of changing from character to character.

Using the coloured lines and testing some shot colours, making sure I keep things mostly consistent and changing some shots. Then I will go back and animated Camila and/or the Guild Master, slowly building up the whole film.

I know it is possible but I forgot how to use some nodes in Toon Boom Harmony so it will look a bit flat.

Speaking of which, I have started chipping away at the sound effects with Dragon roars and fire sounds, they are fine I still need a lot more though.

Additionally, I will be doing the backgrounds slowly at home on MediBang which is like free photoshop. This might be hard because my Wacom is a bit broken. I am trying to fix it.

And finally, last week was shark week but there were a couple pictures a quickly did then that I didn't post last week on the blog so I thought I'd share them considering there isn't many pictures to share.

The lack of pictures will continue for a while, since I am trying to focus on small things I am going a lot slower.

But that is it for this weeks blog update. Hopefully I can speed up the pace a little, but the Dragon will be taking the longest I am pretty sure.

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