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Working hard or hardly working?

Another week has passed, work has been progressed.

I have started my animatic finally in a last ditch effort to procrastinate sending fo voice actors.

I'm doing it shot by shot for the bits without dialogue. I really need voice actors but I'm so lazy.

Someone wrote on my work when I wasn't looking >:(

I am also on the verge of finalising the script, I've done my second draft, just need to talk to a couple people about it.

In other news, the collaborative project is still going.

It is going swimmingly but we are considering shortening the animation length. Emma, Annalise and I had another meeting today and discussed what we are planning on doing and generally updating each other.

Not much really to show on that front though.

I have started my West Projections/Planetarium project as well. It is pretty basic, just planet Earth spinning in many different ways under the theme of HOME.

Earth as Purple (very creative)

Earth in lines

Oh my, I almost lost this post accidentally, similar to a picture I was doing yesterday in which a threw a mini tantrum.

And finally I did a quick loop just for West Projections because HOME is where the bed it.

That is it for this week, I have done a lot but not really much to show because it is very similar to last week.

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1 Comment

May 09, 2019

The animatic is really looking great! I'm very excited to see it progress. Also, you are awesome!!

Daddy still needs his nips though #givedaddynipples

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