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What next?

So I am back from overseas, I had a great time and all that jazz but now I am left with the question of "what next?" Not so much in terms of job seeking, I will keep doing that obviously and I will be going to the screenings this week for The Adventures of Camila plus graduation. But I mean what projects should I do next in the near future, to end 2019 and start with in 2020.

I don't have access to animation equipment anymore so I will need to save up next year to get some. But maybe I should start a medium sized project go through the production that we would normally do, just by myself. A comic maybe, go through a bunch of world building and flesh out a mystery. I've never really been able to make an intricate story like that before, I would still want to do it as a light hearted adventure but have more questions then answers really. Then create an interesting cast of character that the story would follow each one individually, I don't know, now I'm just spit ballin'.

Anyway, before it gets too wordy, I just want to consistently do some more work but that means now I have to be proactive, I don't have a university course to guide me.

I won't post this to Social medias or anything either, there isn't anything to show.

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1 Comment

Dec 18, 2019

I definitely think that you should at least start up an Instagram account for your work and comics! I think the format might work well for you, and I'd love to see your progress work and completed lil comics 😊

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