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Weekly Update

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

A slower week this week, Continuing the lines for the Guild Master. Testing some colours, drinking some bung coffee and most of all getting sick again.

Yep, it is going around my class again so I might take Friday off to recover and finish the lines for the Guild Master next week.

I doesn't seem to take me as long to do the Guild Master and as far as I can tell it seems more consistent then the animatic. I will have to go back and see with fresh eyes in a couple weeks.

Still haven't decided on whether or not to get background artists, maybe I will just got someone for the wide establishing shots.

Specifically for today, I wasn't in the studio for the first half of the day but when I did come in I ended up doing some colours for the dragon instead of line work.

The shadows may be a little difficult, I guess this is why I avoided shadows for first and second year.

Other then that I should be starting Camila next week. Woo!

Animating her will take longer because ya know, she is the main character.

All in all, pretty average week for health and progression, rest will do me well.

Who knows, tomorrow might message some artists about the backgrounds, there are a few great artists I have in mind.

Oh yeah and in my nothingness state yesterday, I sketched that out for some reason. Ok Bye

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