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Week 5?

This weeks blog consists of next to no pictures because it is at uni and I am sick at home today. So less to show.

Basically what I have been working on is more character sketches for the dragon for my final animation.

Dragon sketch

I wanted the dragon to be simple but I sucked at doing the wings so I may redo the design next week. Trying to hone in on the design is difficult because I want it to be easy to animated but still look more serpent-like. Obviously this is missing the other random sketches from different angles so I will need to do them next week along with the Guild Master. This will put me behind schedule I think because I didn't look at finding voice actors either.

I am doing the thing where I subconsciously put off doing tasks.

In other news, projection pieces have still continued. I did one about 'robes' from the Percy Grainger Museum. I don't have any screenshots to show but this is the only VDMX I have done this week.

However, I have received the first of the song segments (not finalised) so I can start working on them with the space theme. I may try and work on a little bit this weekend but it is unlikely.

In general, it has been a slow week because of getting sick and the trains being down. I will definitely try and recover this lost ground next week.

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