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Week 2 of holidays, working real hard.

Week two of the holidays is slowly drawing to a close, I'll be done before I know it.

Yesterday we went to the Planetarium again for a mini screening to show off our mapped stuff to the dome. We were accompanied by Deakin animation students as well.

Everyones pieces were amazing but mine warped a little in the middle so I might go back and fix it at some point.

Subsequently, Annalise and I submitted 'Lost and Found' by Emma Maguire.

Annalise worked super hard to compile all the assets for the final product and it looks great. She worked on the weekend for this so lots of effort.

This now means I can focus on my Fantasy Adventure film from here on out.

Rough Animatic WIP shots 57 and 58

It is a work in progress and I am working on more shots, the hard part will be lip syncing so much. I just need to keep up a quick pace so I can be as far through the animatic before Semester 2 starts. However, I think my elective subject maybe starting next week and I need to start think about how I am going to do foley sounds, I might ask around for help.

Anyway, that's it for this week, lots of work going on.

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