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Time to listen to Michael Bublé Season

October has come and gone, it happened so fast... Only a couple months left in 2020 so what have I been doing since I last updated the blog and whats to come?

Doot Patrol

Well if you don't follow me on any of my other social medias, you should, but I have been posting some Halloween themed images and animations.

They weren't necessarily 'spooky' but they were fun to make.

Spooky Warren the Gecko

The rest of the post will have some of the images that I posted throughout the month as it continues...

If you want to keep up with work I'm doing, animation and pictures, I am on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and DeviantArt.

I don't have a schedule to post on but I try doing stuff as much as I can.

Links on my website Treedan Animation


Sorry, got a bit sidetracked there...

Speaking of schedules, now that restrictions are easing, my cafe job has started back up meaning I will have less time at home.

I won't be swamped with work obviously, I will just need to be more strict with my time and how I spend it. However, it is nice to get out of the house more with the warmer weather.


But now that Spooky Month is over, what will I be working on? Well I mentioned it in the last blog post but I will be doing a themed short comic release in December. I've already been working on a whole bunch of pages that I will continue doing throughout November.

This also means images may be scarce this month, I am still drawing a whole bunch but won't be posting until December. I haven't decided on a date to start releasing them though, I'll decide that closer to the month.

Night Watcher

The them will be of the 'Short Stuff' series featuring Warren the Gecko and other characters. This will be mostly comics but also some character images and maybe some other images/stills.

Whilst I continue this, I wanna clean out some older images and animations that I started but didn't finish from earlier this year.

I don't like lingering on work but I also don't like not finishing things I start because then my computer is just full of unfinished work.


This blog is probably a little wordy again but thats fine. The website hasn't had any changes since last update except for the 'About Me' photo finally got updated.

Honestly I haven't changed much since the previous photo but oh well.

I think I will eventually need to update the site to be more flexible with images as well. I still do 'The Adventures of Camila' images and what not that need a home but if I keep these pages as they are it seems like they are ending at the short film (if that makes sense).I want to expand on these worlds and do more with the character, not just with that idea but also with 'Short Stuff'. So I will think of a better way to present the site, still focusing on the animation side but to highlight the ideas more.

Anyway, that is it for this blog update. I may do another at the end of November, keeps me sane.

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