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Time for Tie

A nice sunny week has come and knowing our luck, will probably be gone next week. Doesn't mean this week was not a productive one.

Line work for Camila is basically done so now I have started working on Tie. Wooo celebration!

Tie should be the easiest to animated because he doesn't really do much except be lovable.

Tie has an odd design to him so its a little difficult to keep it consistent but I think it should be fine.

This week I have been in early most days, mainly because of my brother and sister going to work early so I tagged along with them in the mornings when I was with them.

Also because of this getting in early, I have taken it a little easier today because it is nice and warm. Smashing out Tie's shots are quite fast so I think by mid next week I should be onto Extra ANIMATION! Which is basically just fire and background characters....

This may take a few weeks but hopefully the fire will be quick as it is random, and I need to get the colours right so I might do them when I animated as well.

After that its background and colours. Seems simple enough right? Who knows how long those will take and I am running out of time...

It doesn't help that my LAPTOP BROKE! How am I gonna do backgrounds at home like this? I'll have to go to the store to get it repaired or something, I hope it won't take too long.

This is turning out to be a lot of writing, didn't realise I had this much to say. Anyway, yeah, I may also get someone to do base colours for the characters and I will go back and add shading.

I don't know how I go about doing that but it's an option... I think

Anyway, that's all. I am leaving early today because I am called into work and it's nice out. Cya :)

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