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The Great City scene

WIP shot 43 and 44

What day it is today? Thursday :O

That's blog day! Yes, what has been happening. More animating the animatic clearly.

Last Friday I did some sound recording at home in a makeshift mattress recording booth me and my housemate Helen put together.

WIP shot 23, 24 and 25

I haven't tried constructing the sounds into what I want yet but one day I will.

The sounds include a bunch of balloons, knifes clinking together, a vacuum and plastic bags. Still don't know how I will do atmospheric sounds but I will think about it more, maybe go camping.


Continuing the scene, I think I should finish it by next week so I can move onto the next scene. My progress for the animatic might slow down drastically next week because my elective starts. Hopefully I can keep up the pace though, I want this done be the start of the semester.

Decided to start another casual drawing...

The subject will focus on my online folio... Aka this blog. So maybe this blog will improve :) And be more accessible.

In non project news, the image above started as a sketch to see what I wanted some extra t look like and it just turned into a full image. The image to the left is an image I started yesterday for fun, I'll ship away at it when I am not working on the animatic.

And thats basically it, my phone half broke so I had to restore it to factory settings or something.

That's it :) Bye

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