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The Adventures of Camila: Surrounded by Fire

Online Edit done, Credits done, title done... now we need more sound!

I have a week and a bit to build a mighty sound library and construct the world in which it shall live.

I have chosen this title AND subtitle as because the it is general enough to remember and easy enough for all ages to remember. Maybe if I have another week for the visuals, I could finesse it but the glory of deadlines is I don't sit on it forever.

It is important to be happy with what you've made but also not get hung up with what you can improve. Instead take it into future projects.

I will take a couple day break from the project, do some halloween stuff, draw some other less important stuff and work this weekend for ACTUAL money :)

I am happy with how it is shaping out and can't wait for the sound edit, then screenings.

It has been hard work but I have still enjoyed every bit of it and I hope you'll will like it to.

That's it for this week. Next week maybe scarce with images because... ya know... sound. But I will try do a couple of little pictures to spice it up. BYE

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