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Testy Test

Week 5 is coming to a close and there is still heaps to do.

Lines for the Guild Master didn't take as long as I expected which is good. That means I have started Camila line work. WOOO!

Since I did most of the lip syncing in the animatic/roughs (Melded those steps together) I can quickly blast through the mouth positions. Plus splitting up the layers seems to be working well but I've only done one colour test for Camila.

And the colour test I did had minimal movement. Speaking of tests, I did a quick export to see how some of the lines would turn out. It's not bad, I will try some more exports next week with the Dragon.

Some stylistic choices I have done include a smaller character model for Camila and Tie. These are for wide shots and that jazz, giving them a simpler design and single lined arms.

Thus the image on the left is from a wide shot thus the image is blurry.

Let's see, what else has been happening this week...

I'm more or less over my sickness, still got a bit of a bung throat but that's ok.

I still haven't contacted anyone about backgrounds. I keep putting it off, I am still unsure whether I need one but I know I should try just in case.

And because I haven't fixed my wacom from home...

Oh well, all in all, everything's going fine. Occasionally I will try drawing some other images to mix things up, they are cool.

But that is all, bye for now :)

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