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Sounds and Projections

The week of various emails and things.... and stuff... words.

But no, I have achieved little progress this week on all fronts. I feel like I am really tired lately, thought I lost my hard drive.

But in all seriousness, I have continued my animatic as usual whilst organising my Auditions.

The shortlist I picked are sending me audio files and came in today. More people will be coming next Tuesday, they're all really good. I unfortunately only need 4.

Once I am done choosing I will try and record with them all, it might get hard because next week is the last week for the semester.

Getting to the later part of the year, the variety of work starts to fade into just this final project. It also doesn't help that this week has been a lot of emailing and ya know, I'm not gonna show you my emails...

On the other hand, my eye was just poked... by a hand, not mine... someone malicious.

And the update for the collaboration with Annalise and Emma will be apart of next weeks update because we are meeting up tomorrow.

Can't wait to choose some voice actors and I will ask if I can name them and thank them on the blog as well.


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May 23, 2019



May 23, 2019

Hey Tristan, you really don't need to worry about producing less work than usual this week. You're usually a crazy efficient machine and it's fine to come down from that.

Having some actors come in to audition is really exciting! I'm really excited to hear the final ones. Nice work this week

Also, I didn't read anything this week about giving daddy nipples. I assumed you're doing that though, right? #givedaddynipples

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