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Sound week

It's that time of week, the time for a blog post!

Unfortunately there isn't really much to show because its all sound based so no visuals.

Well... here is what my window looks like. Since I don't have a composer I am doing the non-diegetic sounds myself thus they are simple because it is much easier for me to make an average track simply then it is for me to make a complex one simply... If that makes sense.

Anyway, I don't have much experience doing sound and stuff so it is a whole bunch of experimenting. I have no frame of reference on how good sound sounds like which is why I am going to be relying heavily on the sound edit next Tuesday.

That's right, next Tuesday the film will be officially done! Feels weird to think that. I will try making a poster and other small promotional material, including a page on this website. It won't contain the film but I will put up a small piece of it plus storyboards, character sheets and all that jazz.

This is more writing then I expect but I am super psyched to have this done and show it places plus get a showreel together (that's a major thing I need). Other then that since I haven't been drawing for the film lately, I have been doing some more casual drawings.

Nothing major, just a little bit of fun.

That seems to be it, next time I post the film will be done wooooo!

Very exciting.

See y'all next week :D

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