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Slowly but Surely

Another week another character sketch.

Tie Character Skecth

Tie is an awkward, deception magic lizard guy. He is the secondary character that will accompany Camila (see last weeks post) in the fantasy adventure animation. I am trying to get these character sketches out so I can start finding voice actors. These characters consist of Tie, Camila, the Dragon and the Guild Master.

So be prepared to see the dragon and or the Guild master sketch up next week.

And as per usual, I have continued the generative animations for an 8 minute Mario themed piece because Mario 64 ost is great.

I think I am slowly improving which is why with VDMX, it is quick but I am finding it difficult to set out to produce something really specific. Which is a bit concerning considering one of my assignments is to to abstract pieces on Percy Grainger.

Which is why next week I may give VDMX break to specifically try and create and abstract triangle based loop for the assignment.

Anyway, in summary for this weeks projection I am satisfied with the result.

Bowsers theme

I a similar fashion, the person I mentioned last week that I may be collaborating with seems keen on the project, well it is their project but I am excited to work on it as well. It is space themed and to reduce production time, I will combine the generative animation with some other programs and maybe even live action footage. I still need to experiment with it some more, hopefully I can do a good job.

I will try and have the colour palettes limited to a single planet like Neptune or Mars because they are so vibrant.

However, it is still too early to say what I will aim it to look like. The composer will send me drafts of their song next week at some point.

And in other non actual work news, we went to the Planetarium again to look at some animation, which is why I don't have as much of the dragon sketches out as I'd liked and I got my Motorcycle licence as of posting this.

So yeah, busy week and I hope I can keep it up I guess.

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