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It is Shark Week, 7 days of pure shark fun. An entire week of annoying friends with shark related facts and some pictures.

This is also the last week of University holidays, I have started trying to put some sounds together although I am not doing very well with that.

I have been continuing the animatic/rough WIP. I will be editing this down again and changing some shots. Whilst doing this I am slotting in some placehold sound effects to add some depth to the world.

I will spend the rest of this week editing it down and doing small sound stuff because I need to do it eventually, may as well start early. Once Semester two starts next week, I will begin doing a more refined character animation.

This is my last semester and I want to make it count. My biggest concern is sound design, I have no idea what I am doing and making sounds that don't exist is easier said than done... or at least it is for me.

Anyway, that is it for this week. Happy SHARK WEEK, take some time if you are reading this to tell your friends some random shark facts.

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