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Settling in

Here is some character drawings for the main protagonist in the fantasy/adventure idea. Yes that's right, I'm pretty sure I will do this over the cops idea. I have printed the first draft of the storyboard, all 36 pages, but I think it needs some editing. Admittedly I am a bit stuck on what I should tweak the ending to be but I'll think of something.

Character drawings for main protagonist

This is a simplified version of a character I have had a while now, but I am still working on my consistency. During the film I intend to have the small noodle arm model for wider shots and the more detailed for regular. Think of it as a Hilda cross O.K K.O thing.

Screenshot from pattern projection project

I did some more generated pattern animations as well. These were nice to make, listening to a soundtrack and the beats to it.

Whilst I only made one, it was longer than the previous with differing imagery.

Screenshot from pattern project

I am slowly getting the hang of VDMX5 so hopefully I can have something even better next week. We'll just have to see.

I have also finished the mini Antarctica project and sent it off. The actual presentation should be sometime this week I think.

Antarctica project

I had to prioritise quantity over quality unfortunately because of the limited time we had.

Speaking of collaboration, I may also be helping someone in a music video project of theirs as their EP. They are looking for space themed imagery which I have been interested in, so I'll be keeping an eye on that.

And finally, I have messed around with the website a bit, added Tea Time other things, feel free to check them out. For editing the site I may add a miscellaneous page for the shorter loops and projects but I'll see how that goes.

This website blog jazz is weird, I want the website to be for finished animated projects, Tumblr for WIP maybe and DA for casual things. I still need to work on that because so far I am mixing them all terribly XD

Check out the other sits if you want though.

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