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Nearly Spook-tober and site updates!

Is 2020 still going? oh man I can't even remember pre-COVID life. But that also means I am just chilling at home! Last time I blogged, it was the aftermath of Shark Week, this time I am just updating the site again. We now have a Domain name :O Treedan Animation, it's a lot more simpler than the previous.

In addition to that small yet expensive change, I have updated some of the pages.

Changed the 'World's End Party' Short Film to the 'Short Stuff' series page. It has all the previous content on it but more pictures and information about the characters, concept and stuff. Featuring the comics up the top since it is the main focus of the idea now and the short film below that. Which brings me to what I've been working on lately, aside from a couple of short animations, I am also working on a series of short 4 panel comics for the 'Short Stuff' series. These will be all released in December of this year, themed around 'Renting'.

I am super excited for this, I find these small comics fun to make and having a themed week is also enjoyable just like Shark Week. I have already sketched out a few but I am hoping to get a few more done as well. Heres to deadlines... along with my supposed 2020 showreel :I

These screenshots are of some panels from the comics as well :D It's no animation but expanding ideas also requires regular drawing so I hope to diversify some of the content on the site.

I'm obviously not gonna post every image I draw on the website, thats for my other social media ;) So go follow me there if you want random images every once in a while.

Speaking of which, if you do follow me on my other social medias, you may have heard some news about The Adventures of Camila winning the Exceptional Merit award from the WRPN.TV Global Webisode Competition which is amazing and I am so glad to hear nothing but great news about the opportunities all the voice actors have gotten this year! I am waiting on word from another festival plus a whole bunch have been canceled or rescheduled because of... well you know... 2020.

Hmmm what else, oh right! I have also added a new page on the site about my Video Jockey work or VJing for short. Well, I say work but its just been projects I've done in the past and want to do more of, meaning I'm in the market for a projector!

And finally on the animation front, I have been doing some small clips but I need to finish them before I start more, they're ok I guess. Nothing special, won't even be on the site.

That's it for this blog post, actually had a fair bit to update y'all on, which is surprising. No idea when I'll do another blog post though, hopefully before the end of this year but no promises.

See ya next time :D

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