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Missed a week, but still on target

Oh dear, I missed last weeks blog post, I can't even remember why. So that means this week will be a double summary!

So for starters, last week was the end of our semester, most of our work was due including pre production documents for our big project.

This included the script and storyboard but yesterday I noticed some grammatical errors but I will talk more about that further down.

Our documentation for of collaborative was also due in which Annalise presented it whilst I was away for reasons that day so she did the bulk of that work thankfully. This isn't to say the collaborative is done, I think it is due next Tuesday so we should be handing it in then. Its on track and looking good, my parts are a bit iffy on some of them but the rest looks great I think.

Image of final song in the collaborative

For the collaborative, Emma has done three songs all strung together for one continuous clip.

I think what we are settling on is the first song is Annalise's animation whilst the middle is predominately mine then the final some is a mix of both of us.

Image from Annalise's section

I am excited to see the compiled product, we are meeting Emma today so it should be great.

Other things that were due last week bu have kind spilled into this week as well were the West Projections and Planetarium work.

Planetarium mapping

I had already submitted my West Projections clips but last week we did a really short interview in Footscray to highlight what our pieces were about and what it meant to us.

My one was the bed because sleep...

The Planetarium is having a test screening next week so we have to submit stuff but I tried mapping it and I don't know why but it wont be a circle... which isn't good for a dome. But the actual piece and the idea is cool I guess.

And finally what I have been stressing over for a while, I have the cast finalised!

Shelly Dunlop as Camila, Sunny Walia as the Guild Master, Michael Joaquin as Tie and Sara Jani as the Dragon

Congratulations to Shelly Dunlop, Sunny Walia, Michael Joaquin and Sara Jani for your applications. There was so many people and you 4 fit the roles the best.

Potential poster and name

As of this week, I have the recordings and met a few of them and were super great in the booth. Unfortunately I had a few technical difficulties on my end, but it should be fine. I am just thrilled with the performances and hope I can do them justice with animating them.

This means I can edit the voices together ASAP and really get stuck into the animatic over the next 3 weeks, so I can be ready to refine things in Semester 2.

I imagined the recording going smoother, but I cracked under the pressure and was super awkward and a little unprepared.

And finally I started this potential poster and name, it is corny but I am really struggling for titles.

Anyway, that is I think it for the past two weeks, I've been doing some casual drawing to take my mind off the stress a little, it kinda works. I am looking forward to the future and yeah.

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