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Honey Tea


This weeks blog update consists of more test exports, character animations and the same as last weeks notes.

Yes, it has been very similar week, the film is coming along nicely. I found my schedule, I have a couple more weeks until me big re-evaluation of where I am at and whether or not I need to cut things.

This also means I need to get started on backgrounds. I think I have fixed the problem with my Wacom but I will test that tonight and have it ready for the weekend.

Reviewing my tests, it is very snappy which isn't inherently bad, I do like it but there are bit that I will need to do more inbetweens.

I should also do some more colour tests, I'll probably do them next week.

And finally, still passively doing that one other picture, really slowly when my will is broken and am drinking Honey Tea.

Maybe I should look for a composer as well...

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19 sept. 2019

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