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Today is graduation, my most expensive certificate, I get to wear a gown and I think thats it. The instructions were a bit unclear.

Other than that over the past week I have been doing some drawing, lots of sketches, character redesigns and a small comic.

Quick small pictures to keep me drawing, nothing special.

Basically I want to develop another idea that I touched on last week.

These are just screenshots of the character designs I have been trying.

They are simple in design.

I wanted this so i could put emphasis on their personalities and not get them mixed up but it now just seems a little uninteresting.

concept drawing for chapter 1

I will keep fleshing it out slowly whilst doing other images.

Speaking of other images, short comic for The Adventures of Camila. I was thinking of maybe trying to create a pitch bible for this show idea.

Mainly it would be a shame not to pursue it further considering all the effort I did for the pilot.

This means more concept images, character sketches and locations, I have a few old ideas I had for this world plus old characters that probably need redesigns to suit the style.

Anyway, that is it for this week, Christmas is next week so there might not be many images next week... or even a blog :P

One day I will get back to animating >:D

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1 Comment

Dec 18, 2019

I will be very upset if there isn't a blog post!

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