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Close to the End :D

Ok so the title of this blog is "Close to the End" and I did want to be closer to the end visually but ya know.

My online edit has been moved a couple days back so I have a little more time to finish the backgrounds, put them in then do shading.

Yesterdays progress felt good, was full of coffee so that might have been something to do with it. Today not so much, got some things done but not nearly as much as I wanted.

I will also need to do some lighting effect/colour changing depending on locations. E.g warmer colours and higher contrast for the fire scene. Stuff like that.

Some things still look like that >>

So shots more at the beginning look more finalised because of the backgrounds. I have the colour palette for the warehouse just need to smash it out.

I want to get some of the backgrounds done this weekend but my cafe job is picking up more so that's more work on the weekends. I will try be strict on myself.

Patrick, who is colouring the 'Great City' backgrounds are doing them very well and efficiently. Huge help, might even get him to do a couple more backgrounds next week.

So a couple of these screenshots have the backgrounds ready, just need to put them in. And after all this is done, then we focus wholey on sound.

This is a long blog post, not sure what else to talk about for the project. Applied for another job, graduating very soon, also the screening.

I will be helping out on a film festival next Friday, that will be.... interesting.

Anyway, thats it I think. Cya next week.

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