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Casting Call...

Tie and Camila behind a bench

2 weeks till the end of Semester. Oh geez.

I have continued working on my animatic, script, posters and sifting through cast applications.

That is correct, I finally sent out a casting call after weeks of procrastination. I have gotten so many applications over the past few days and more keep rolling in.

Guild Master silhouette

I am going through them whilst I gradually get shots done in the animatic, but the shots I am doing are only shots without dialogue.

I have given the script another little edit and I think this last one is what I am going to stick with. Although the feedback I got was really good from my sister, I think that I simply can't add them in because of time and stuff. Which is a shame because it would make the setting more interesting really.

Surrounded by Fire

Additionally, I did another mock up poster, this time with a darker palette. I could probably do the shadows better but I left it at that because I really should be doing the other work. I intend to do one more of these but from the Forest of Doom sequence, lots of greens.

Light streams and Stars

And finally, I did some more on the collaborative this week. Nothing major, just floating stars to try and match with more sound Emma gave us.

I did a could edits and I think it will work well with the floating nature of the piece.


I really like what Emma has given us this week, it features a lot of strings... I think thats the right word for it. I kind contrasts the former pieces as well which is cool to break it up.

I haven't done too much on the collaboration this week the Casting has taken up some time. I didn't anticipate so many people applying.

But if anyone reads this and you think you can play one of the characters, send an application through. And send a little audio clip through or a showreel. I'm not judging off looks because its animation, I need all y'all voices!

Anyway, thats it for this week, I am slowly clawing my way back on track :D

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May 16, 2019



May 16, 2019

This is so exciting Tristan! I love the glowing silhouette of Buff Daddy but... I still think he needs nipples. Luminescent nipples!

But really, good work this week and good luck with the applicants 🐌🌻🐌

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