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Busy week

Another week has passed, more progress has been made.

Finished the dragon character sketch, has some odd legs but I think I am going to keep them like that. Like frog legs.

Dragon Sketch

The main project is slowly coming along, I have started the 4th and final character sketch for the Guild Master. once that is done, next week will be for writing a script. I have put it off for far to long and need voice actors, I'm just not very good at writing. Additionally, I need to rewrite the ending which will probably be done in the script. Finally, once that is done I can post on StarNow or wherever for voice actors, all 4 of them.

Next week is mid term holidays so I should be able to dedicate time to just the script.

Blue Planet Test

Onward to the collaboration update.

Did some tests with the music segment I received from the composer.

Generative and Spacey, I got some feedback and met with her today to discuss what we should do in other parts without creating too much work for ourselves.

Hyperspace test

I suggested a kind of 'hyperspace' travel to transition through the 9 minute song. This would keep with a blue colour palette as well.

My friend Annalise who is also in the collaboration would also be doing other segments in 2D frame by frame animation.

A lot of things are up in the air with this project so I'll try and experiment some more see wha the composer likes.

Projection mapping refined

Another project that was started whilst I was sick last week that I did this week was projection mapping. I wiped this up in a day but it is a rising simmering orb with a grain on both the background and orb.

The orb rises from the black square and was projected onto a 3D surface.

And Finally, me and a couple other people VJ'd for a small live performance. I'd never done anything like this before so it was interesting. I had lots of fun on it, next time I'd try and be more prepared because I didn't know we were doing the imagery on the fly till we got there.

In conclusion, very busy week which is good, probably could pick up the pace with my main project though. Next week is mid semester holidays so I should be able to get lots doing on that.... maybe.

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2019년 4월 18일

Her wings are really a lot better in this character sheet! I'm looking forward to seeing some test animations of them :)

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