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Back at it

Back again, had a week break but still did a little bit of work. So think of this as a one and a half week update.

Guild Master character sketch

I finished the character sketch for the Guild Master. Blue markings, water magic and no top on.

This is the last of 4 main talking characters in the Fantasy Adventure story. Still no name yet... One day it'll come to me. Additionally I started the script and am in the middle of editing it, making things more clear, changed the ending and trying to low key shorten the entire thing.

And I also did a picture of Camila and Tie as a potential poster for the film. And you maybe thinking, "wow those clouds are great, nice drawing Tristy" Thanks, Annalise drew them... not me :D

Camila and Tie

Glitchy planet look

Also an update on the Collaborative between Emma, Annalise (Check out her blog) and myself. We have some more audio and we are have started animating the start and transitions.

Annalise is animating Poppy flowers that will transition into these glitchy kind of planets that I have done in which this will transition into a kind of slow light speed sequence.

Light speed sequence

The sequence needs a couple other light effects to spice it up a little, but I the group will be meeting up next week which should be good. Everything seems to be going along swimmingly, more or less .

Orange Projection

Projection pieces have persisted as usual, but now I am just trying to pump em out for the projection stuff.

There is only so many things I can do with abstract shapes and orange.

We are getting more projects as well, as a class we will be doing a joint project for West End Projections which is a night projection event West of Melbourne. It sounds swell but to condense our work load we will also be doing a Planetarium project for Science Works. The theme is 'Home' so I think we will be doing planets because of planetarium.

Anyway, hopefully I can show something about that next week.

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May 13, 2019

#givedaddynipples even Sonic has nipples now


May 09, 2019

I agree with Annalise. Daddy would look great with nips.


May 09, 2019

Hey Tristan!! This all looking really good but... Daddy needs nipples!

#givedaddynipples #buffdaddio #leatherdaddyforbuffdaddy

The clouds are great! I'm glad you loke them

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