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Animatic and Consistency

It's that time of the week again, another update. Wooooo

A lot of animatic has been happening, nothing fancy, I am just trying to blast out this before Semester 2 starts. But also want to get as much done before my elective subject which I think starts in a couple weeks.

I'm unsure how long these holidays go for. I though it was only one more week but apparently it's two more... Which means I have more time to finish the animatic. I just gotta make sure I do not rush that much... That being said, I don't want to linger on shots as well. I'm so conflicted.

WIP shots 59 and 60

As the title of the blog suggests, consistency has been on my mind. You can probably tell just looking at these WIP's. It's a thing I have been struggling with for the past couple of years in my course and I really want to do it right. Unfortunately, even in the animatic stage my consistency between shots and in individual shots are all over the place.

I think I also mentioned last week that I needed to start foley sound recording, but I haven't got around to doing that or asking for help. I need to go borrow some recordings because if I don't do the sound effects well, it will hurt the entire film. In fact, that can be said about all the elements...

Anyway, since I haven't had varying projects, I have started so other small pictures for other things.

The one on the left is for a mini art competition for an animated web series called CatGhost. If ya like animated stuff or 'psychological horrors' or multi-media products, I would recommend.

SO yeah, that's been the week. Just getting along and playing Skyrim at home :D


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