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All Done :D

Last week I didn't do a blog post but that is because The Adventures of Camila pilot is done :D It is time for celebration and relaxation.

I don't have my hard drive on me so there won't be pictures either. I have created a page on this website, go check out the 20 second exert, still, character sketches and all that jazz.

There won't be a blog post for the next few weeks because I will be overseas but after that I will continue to hopefully put it into festivals to get it in front of as many eyes as I can, plus do some casual drawing and continue looking for jobs in the creative industry I guess. I will also post a poster at some point tomorrow I think.

That's is it, I want to end on just saying thanks to everyone that help out literally, and emotionally. A huge thank you to the marvellous voice acts, Shelley, Michael, Sunny and Sara. Big thanks to Patrick Salmon for helping with backgrounds. Paul Fletcher, Rob Stephenson, Declan Loughran and Ant Bohun. This was definitely my biggest project to date but I hope to make more animations.

See ya :)

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