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A second post for the year... wow

Stop the presses, it's July and we have a SECOND blog post for the year. Nice smart guy I was thinking I'd have more going on I guess.

Anyway, half way through 2020 and we are still alive, that must be a record right? Well if you were living under a rock, you may have missed Shark Week last week. Don't worry, the shark-tastic time and artwork is now sitting nicely on a brand new page of my Wix site :O

Say it ain't so!

It was a heck of a time, making music videos, GIFs, Digital images and sending shark facts to the world :O

If you follow me on my social medias, you may have seen this as it happened. Here is some facts about the Mako Shark:

The Mako Shark is a speedy boi. In fact, they are the speediest of sharks traveling up to 96kph! Or 60mph ;) Because of this, they can shoot out of the water as high as 30ft! To top it all off, they have the largest brain to body ratio making them extremely intelligent, now that’s a big brain moment. Ahh anyway, they are warm blooded and must swim to survive. They can’t stop won’t stop, not even for birth, they don’t give birth often for their mating cycle is every 1.5 years, nothing ties a mall shark down... the love sword fish and are considered aggressive hunters, stalking their prey from underneath using the colour of the deep to blend in perfectly. Not that swordfish are easy for them, in fact Mako sharks often get injured or killed when hunting swordfish, scientists think that they love it for the thrill of the hunt. If that’s not the most badass thing I don’t know what it.

But alas, what begins in a flash is gone just as quickly. Now onto my next projects...

What am I working on? I want to put together a pitch bible for The Adventures of Camila. This will take some time as I carefully pull my hair out to write the characters properly, and do the world justice.

Along with this, I have been doing some looped animation. Thats right, I finally bought myself Toon Boom Harmony AND a new computer, which is how I made the Shadowtask lyrics video. Crazy times...

Anyway, the goal of these smaller animations is to get a few done before the end of the year to create, TREEDANS 2020 ANIMATION SHOWREEL! I'm still working on the name.

With all those maybe I can make a miscellaneous animations page... or just put them into appropriate ideas, ya know, Adventures of Camila, Short Stuff and other ideas...

That will come with more quality of life updates to my site, but judging from how much I've been updating the blog... don't hold your breath.

That is all for now, stay safe out there, Trusty out.

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