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A New Year

First Blog post for the year, I know January is almost over already but I have been slowly making small changes to the site and other social medias.

Finished page for short 3 page comic

If you have seen the site recently you may have noticed some more social media icons and changes to some descriptions. Since I am no longer a student, I shouldn't refer to myself as such, plus I now have Instagram and Twitter.

Whilst still trying to draw more I want to keep up social media, but I think I need an art space that isn't my house because I get distracted way to easy.

One of the Short Stuff comics

In comic news, I printed my first mini comic book!

Short Stuff have about 7 mini comics that I wanted to sell at our animation screening for raising money for the bushfires.

Short Stuff comic

They didn't sell but I thought they were neat XD I definitely want to print more in the future just need to make it more cost efficient.

Along with the comic, I also printed a bunch of stickers, they sold a lot better I think.

All that has been super great, the kittens are doing well. That isn't art related, I just thought I'd mention that.

Other then that, not sure when the next blog post will be, they won't be weekly I don't think. There just isn't enough to write about on a weekly basis. But if you wanna keep up on my work, I'm on DeviantArt, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Anyway, thats it for now! see y'all in who knows when.

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