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A New Project

Updated: May 9, 2019

Early story sketch-ups

So there are two ideas I am tossing up between. The first is a fantasy adventure narrative following a young adventurer with no magical abilities or fighting prowess trying to prove themselves in a world full of mages and fighters.

The images shown are from an early storyboard I've been working on which i will show more in a couple weeks in an update.

Early story sketch-ups

The second that idea has real people in it! I know, shocking. It will have a heavy musical focus (psychedelic-rock) as two police officers investigate an abandoned house only to discover something grand in the basement. There are rough sketches of characters but they are in my sketchbook so can't show them yet.

I also worked on a short spiral animation in VDXM that will potentially be apart of a projection piece later this year. The file I think is to large so I will just show screenshots. Along with a much shorter and simpler pattern sequence as well.

Screenshot of a 30 second spiral sequence done in VDXM to electronic music

Screenshot of simpler pattern done in Motion

The short sequences are focusing on patterns but over the next few weeks the subject matter will become more refined/specific, adding a layer to the simple pattern concept.

Screenshot of an unfinished short Antarctica piece

And the final thing I have been working on this week is a response clip to the environmental impact humans have on Antarctica. In the limited time we were given, I decided to plot out the paths of boats and planes to Antarctica whilst also showing a subtle change in the cycle of the icy continent. Before I hand this in, I intend to animate some cracks inside the lines as well.

Once a week I hope to post an update on what I'm working on, not just my main project but other work as well, maybe even recreational.

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Mar 21, 2019

Nice one

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